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Cornwater Club Member, Cynthia, proudly displays her beautiful God's Eye.  The eye was created by weaving an array of Web - Cornwater Club 2016 1brightly coloured wools around two wooden sticks which formed the diamond shape; beads and pom poms were then hung from the bottom. 


Web - Cornwater CLub 2016 2The God's Eye is more than a mere decoration.  Discovered by the Spanish when they encountered the Huichol Indians in Mexico they are veiwed as a religious symbol which offers protection.  Known as Ojo de Dios in Spanish they were woven by the Indians when a child was born.  Traditionally, yarn was added each year until the child was five when it was deemed complete.  The Indians believed they would bring health, good fortune and long life


Photo to the right shows member Cynthia and volunteer, Lisa.

Photo to the left shows Lisa, Cynthia and activity provider, Cheryl who instructed the members how to make their God's Eyes

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