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Cornwater Club’s Oldest  Member, Evelyn Christmas, currently in her 100th year,  successfully launched the Cornwater Club Lottery y drawing the first winning  number   —   number 100!     Continuing with the theme of 100, our first proud winner, Joan Scott,  was presented with a cheque for £100 by Evelyn.

 The Cornwater Club Lottery, which was launched at the beginning of June, has got off to a great start.  Max  Dakin, Club  Manager, said “initially we set   ourselves the target of selling 125 numbers, as we knew if this was achievable the lottery would be     viable.  We have   already surpassed this number and are now ready to launch the lottery to the people of Ravenshead, who we hope will show their support by becoming  members” 

The Lottery, the brainchild of Ian Smith, Consultant Fundraiser and Max  Dakin, will bring in much needed funds for the Cornwater Clubs. With the County Council and Charitable Trusts reducing available grants,     monies are very tight.  We need to raise just under 90% of the clubs operating costs ourselves; the charity shop and the friends promise programme, contribute towards this sum, however, we do still have a shortfall; we are optimistic that the introduction of the lottery will help reduce this shortfall.

If you wish to support us, then please buy a number today!  The Lottery has a guaranteed prize of £100 a week but due to the overriding success of the initial scheme we are now set to increase the prizes and offer all members the opportunity to be entered into a twice yearly draw for £1000!   

For just a £1 a week you will be issued with a unique number.  That number will be yours only.  You can buy as many numbers as you wish, each for £1.  Your number or numbers (depending on how lucky you are feeling!), will be entered into our weekly draw which takes place at the Friday session of the Cornwater Club.  You are guaranteed the chance to win £100, or when the special draw is taking place £1000.

If you wish to take part and help support the Cornwater Clubs then please ring Max Dakin for further details, on  01623 491159 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; alternatively visit our website



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