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The Cornwater Club Lottery

Cash prizes of £100 and £10 every week 

£1000 every six months

For only £1 per week you can be entered into our cash draw!

With the lottery in its infancy you have a very good  chance of winning, so why not join today.

The Cornwater Club Lottery is a small society lottery which was established in June 2013 as a way to raise income for both the Unique NumbersCornwater Club and Thursday Club.  By joining the scheme you have the opportunity to win £100 first prize and £10 every week and £1000 every six months, in addition you are also helping our old people by keeping the clubs running and preventing our members becoming socially isolated.

When you enter you will be given a unique number which will be yours alone.  This number will be entered into the draw every week; if you win you will be notified by email or phone and your winnings will automatically be transferred into your bank account - it's that easy!

We would welcome your support.

How to Enter

Option 1

Complete a standing order and pay for your number monthly.   Your number will be entered into the prize draw every week.

For one number please circle £4.33 on the standing order form,  if you would like two numbers please circle £8.67 etc.  The date you wish to start your banking order is the most convenient for you, but please do remember that we do need at least two weeks to process the request through the bank.  Thank you.

 Download Here

Option 2

Weekly tickets are available from Adcock Financial in Ravenshead Precinct.  You pay cash for these numbered tickets.  The number will be entered into the draw for one week only.

Players must be resident in the UK.  Underage gambling is an offence, all players must be 16 years old and above. The Cornwater Club lottery is licenced by Gedling Borough Council under the Gambling Act  2005.  Licence Number 12/02511/GALOTT

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