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During the Cornwater Club Session there are a number of planned activities for our members, which are included in the session price. The activities listed below do not take place at every session, they are planned over the period of a month.  Some of our members choose not to undertake all of the activities and they may play a game of scrabble or dominoes, some may do a jigsaw; it’s up to them to choose.  However, we do encourage all our members to partake in the movement to music classes.   The interests of the members who attend the club shape the activities programme.

Current Activities

Movement to Music - a short half hour class of gentle exercise to music is provided every day by  Mary Rhind. MembersFlower Arranging can remain seated comfortably in their seats whilst they follow a short exercise routine, which helps to keep joints supple.  We do encourage members to participate in this activity as it is ideal for physical well-being and as the first activity, it's a great start to the day!

Flower Arranging -  is offered by volunteers from the Ravenshead Flower Arranging Group.  Flowers and foliage are provided and members are offered guidance  to create  beautiful fresh arrangements, which they can take home.

Bobbin Lace Makingclasses are provided by volunteers who give members guidance on how to create some beautiful lace patterns.  These lace items can be used as mats, mounted on board to create pictures and, in the past, have been used to include in a paperweight.


Art Classes - members create many pieces of art based on the seasons and other artists' work.

Craft Activitiesa variety of craft activities take place, including making greeting cards.

Scrabble Group - scrabble is available for those members who love words.

Talks and Demonstrations - from time to time individuals and groups are invited to give a talk or demonstration on a particular area of interest to the members.  Past talks have included the History and Art of Well Dressing, Aqua Boxes, The History of Hat Pins and a falconry display.

Games - a variety of games are available including bingo and dominoes


Massage is available for all members at every session.  
This service helps our members by increasing strength and muscle co-ordination and promotes natural joint lubrication.


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