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We are very proud of our clubs and are keen to let people know what a good service we offer in the community - but don't take our word for it, see what our members have to say!

“It means everything to me.  I was indoors for 8 years, with no-one to see and nowhere to go and suffered from depression.  Now, by coming to the club I’m much better and getting out of the depression.  There’s a lovely friendly atmosphere and the staff are wonderful, very caring and helpful”

  “I’d be lost without it – it makes all the difference.  You are not dependent on others all the time, you can have a bit of a life of your own”

  “It gets me and my wife out, otherwise we’d be housebound.  My wife can’t walk and I’m registered blind, so we rely very much on the Club”

  “It means an awful lot to me.  I’m handicapped and live alone.  I’ve been in Ravenshead for 3 years and have made many new friends at the Club”

  “It provides company, laughter and we are cared for.  It also means there are several meals a week I don’t have to get for myself”

  “A lot of us find it difficult to get out, but the minibus comes to our door and takes us home again.  The exercises are good for us and I do them at home when watching TV.  The meals are very nourishing and good value for money.  You meet a lot of people in a similar situation to you and make good friends.  You learn a lot of things when doing the afternoon activity and craft sessions.”

  “There’s only one thing wrong with the Cornwater Club – they make you go home!”

  “There is nothing like this Blidworth.  When I enquired the Darby & Joan had closed and the OAP club only meets for 2 hours a month.  I love to come here and enjoy being with people of my own age.  With 2 men in the house it’s good to come and have a gossip with women.  The people here are lovely and the food is very good”

  “My daughter thinks there has been a big improvement in my health since I started coming to the Cornwater Club.  I enjoy the company and the activities, especially the craft and flower arranging.  The food is very good”

  “The Cornwater Club and the staff are great.  Everyone is friendly, the crafts are good and the food is marvellous”

  “I look forward to coming, it’s lovely and warm.  Everything about the Club is good.  I really enjoy the crafts and the sing-a-longs – oh and the meals!”

  “My daughter persuaded me to come, to build a circle of friends in advance of the time of when I really need them.  I enjoy the painting and the lunches are lovely”

  “It’s so good to get out of the house and socialise with people”





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