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Activities and Services

Throughout the Thursday Club session the members are able to take part in a variety of activities. The aim is to adapt materials and resources to make the activities inclusive and accessible to everyone, even those with physical disabilities.

The activities are designed to help members orientate themselves to the time of year or current events, for example,  recently the members have been making poppies to mark the 100 year anniversary of the First World War.  Gardening activities play a central part in the programme and members plant and tend two large troughs and small pots; the flowers are changed with the seasons.  All these activities stimulate memories and help members to orientate themselves with what is happening around them.

 The Club also runs reminiscence sessions where members are shown objects and photos from the past.   These sessions help the members to preserve the skills they already have - and have lots of fun!

 Members’ physical wellbeing is also important.  Movement to music which helps maintain flexibility is run at every session.   Activities, for example art classes, are also provided; these classes help with hand/eye co-ordination as well as helping with cognitive skills.Thursday Club Falling Trees

 During each session, members are able to have a massage and a manicure, if they wish.  These services are provided by a trained professional.

 When the weather permits members are taken out, usually to a country park, for some fresh air and a picnic.   Travel time is very short so visits are taken locally and take place within the normal session.


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